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This from All Access:

Impact /Boise Unleashes ‘The Bull,’ Sells KINF

IMPACT RADIO GROUP has just enhanced its BOISE cluster today with two significant and separate moves. Regional Mexican “LA PODEROSA” has been retired in favor of “100.7 THE BULL – BOISE’s Best Country” – with the new call letters KQBL.

“With the other operators in BOISE running Country music programming from outside the market like Nashville and Cincinnati, Ohio, we felt the opportunity was ripe to launch ‘THE BULL’ as a locally programmed Country station,” IMPACT CEO/BOISE Market Manager DARRELL CALTON said, “We’ve talked to listeners and advertisers inside the BOISE market and they resoundingly said they wanted more than the same songs being played over and over by the corporately owned stations. They wanted a station they could support that is part of their community, and not being fed from an outside market…. The research says they want Country to be Country”.

“Country is a huge part of the music fabric here in Boise,” Calton concluded. “Our advertisers were clear they were seeking a local company who actually supports the local economy that they could advertise with that played great Country music.”

In addition, IMPACT completed the sale of former News/Talk outlet KINF to LEE FAMILY BROADCASTING. KINF will move out of the BOISE metro into TWIN FALLS.