Re: Central & Eastern Oregon Radio Happenings

Andy Brown

They normally have no remedy other than reapplying for reinstatement of their C.P., which is hard to get since the rule is you get three years and that’s it.

They will probably if they haven’t already filed something, do so shortly. What day did it expire?

No one can apply for new translator frequencies (which is what it becomes if they don’t file something

to keep it in limbo) right now and probably not for several years.

The frequency, if it becomes available, would probably get filed on during the LPFM window later this year.

Wait a few days and check again. As long as the CP still shows on an FM Query, or unless you see an FCC action to the contrary, it’s still active. Again, even if it gets deleted from the FCC database, no one can file on it right now. (The FCC routinely returns applications filed when there is no appropriate window for accepting them open.