Re: Broadcasters Cope With Columbus Day Storm


In 1962, i was 6 years old, my brother 4. We were living in Tigard at the time, at the foot of the hill where they were building the I-5/US 99w (now OR 99W) interchange at the time. We had a baby grand piano in the living room, and my brother and I took refuge underneath it during the storm. There was a big oak tree on our street (SW 59 Av.) at the time. The storm ripped it out by the roots–literally!–and dragged it about 2 1/2 blocks down the street. It sat at the roadside on that street for about three weeks, until they brought in a crew armed with saws to cut that enormous tree into pieces in order to haul it away. The screen blew down at the Family Drive-In Theatre down at the bottom of the hill on Barbur Blvd./99w, closing it down for about a year. We were regular vistors there…I remember seeing “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “The Pink Panther” (the ‘original!’) there…

Best, M. 8)