Re: Broadcasters Cope With Columbus Day Storm


Earlier I mentioned I thought my Seattle family was in Portland for the Columbus Day storm, perhaps for a football game. Sure enough, Oregon State played Washington the following day, October 13th at Multnomah Stadium. Washington won 14-13. Two things are surprising to me, first that a game would be played a day after this storm, and second that I would remember being there at barely the age of three.

This from Wikipedia:

Until 1971, Columbus Day was celebrated on October 12th. In 1962, Columbus Day fell on a Friday, the day before the Washington-Oregon State game. At approximately five o’clock, the Columbus Day Storm, the strongest 20th century extratropical cyclone in the United States, struck. At Cape Blanco, on the Oregon Coast, winds reached 179 miles per hour, before the weather station was destroyed. Winds were milder in Portland, only reaching 116 miles per hour. The winds wrought havoc at Multnomah Stadium. A portion of the roof had flown off and destroyed several seats. Once the storm died down, clean-up crews began removing debris from the field. The field was in such bad shape that clean-up crews were still removing debris early in the game. Multnomah Stadium would not regain power until after the game had ended. The teams dressed and undressed by candlelight, and the scoreboard would remain out the entire game. The press described the field conditions as “turf resting on water.”