Re: Broadcasters Cope With Columbus Day Storm


Ya, there were different radio stations that got to use that studio up there on the Space Needle. KIRO and KING took turns, and there might have been others , like KIXI….I went to the worlds fair twice that summer of 62′. The first time I got stuck in front of the KING glassed in booth on the fairway close to the Pacific science center…I stood there for hours watching the DJ juggle carts, do breaks and where the music came from..I dont know, probably at the studio…ALL CARTS, no records…if they had those it was back at the studio…which I could’nt figure out for a long time until I saw one up close thru the window and saw that it was TAPE in those square plastic things…HUH ?? surprised me..but I knew what tape was because my grandfather had a Wollensak reel to reel recorder. My parents banned me from staying at the radio booth on our next visit…Well it didnt matter, because the next time I saw that no one was in the glass studio…maybe that was a day they were broadcasting from the top of the Space Needle !!!

KING had their booth downstairs at that first time…They shared time on the top of the Needle, I am pretty sure….