Re: Broadcasters Cope With Columbus Day Storm


It was actually KING-AM up in the Space Needle. I only know this because I have a world’s fair postcard with a picture of their air studio in the obs deck of the needle. The storm ended the world’s fair a week early. And it ended my parent’s wedding rehearsal in Tacoma as well! Nice timing, huh? And on a Friday the 13th to boot. They did end up getting married the next day anyway, but missing many of the guests from OR and SW WA, including my uncle the best man. Who also happened to be a lineman for Cowlitz County PUD- which meant he was busy for a little while…like 3 months without a day off. Mom says it was OK, even though they had no power and my great Aunt Laura insisted the whole thing was a bad sign for the marriage. Glad to say Aunt Laura was wrong.