Re: Portland’s 1st Radio-TV Stereo Simulcast


“Did any Portland station run the stereo audio for ‘In Concert?'”

What a horrible flashback I just had, Kent! KQIV was repped by ABC-FM Spot Sales, so we got the first crack at airing the “simulcast” with KATU. KQ4 had been on the air for about a week and on the night of the premiere of “In Concert,” September 21, 1972, we took a stab at it. My recollections are foggy, but I believe we rented a fancy deck fitted with a speed control to play the stereo tape. Everything was fine for the first minute or so and then the sync started to drift. Despite my best efforts, we could never get the sound to lock! We got close, but no cigar! I don’t recall how many episodes we aired, but after that first nightmare we had Telco install a 15K line from Channel 2 and used their mono feed. Thanks for the memory! 😉