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    Q: For cryin' out loud! How do I change my password to something easier to remember?
    A: To change your password:

    1. Login with your username and password.
    2. Once logged in to the message board, click "view your profile" (at top of page).
    3. Then click "edit" and change your password on the resulting page.

    Q: I registered but have not received an email with my password?
    A: For assistance send a note in on the contact form,

    Q: Is my email address listed publicly after registering?
    A: No. See the privacy policy,

    Q: How do I add a pretty picture to show under my name in posts?
    A: Customize your own avatar at

    Q: How do I use allowed html markup in a post?
    A: (Warning - geekiness required)

    1. To indent a quote. Use the blockquote tag. Example,
      <blockquote>life, liberty and happiness</blockquote>
      shows as:

      life, liberty and happiness

    2. Hyperlink to another page with descriptive text. Example,
      <a href="">PDX Radio Archives</a> are epic.
      looks like: PDX Radio Archives are epic.

    3. Bold. Example, this is <strong>very</strong> important.
      shows up as: this is very important.

    Q: Help! I can't get in. I registered many moons ago. What gives?
    A: Since the change of board software on May 19, 2009, you must re-register for the new system. Click "register" at page top to initiate a new registration.

    Q: Why is my previous username now unavailable when I re-register?
    A: Either someone else registered that name before you, or you never received the email confirmation when registering that name. For assistance send a note in on the contact form,

    Q: Where are old posts previous to May 19th '09?
    A: Old messages are now archived at

    Q: Anything new?
    A: Possibly. Check the "what's new" topic.

    {Additional questions in this FAQ updated April 23, 2012}

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