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Art Bell CANCELS His SiriusXM Show "Dark Matter"

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  • Started 11 months ago by Craig_Adams
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  1. This from All Access:

    ------------------Art Bell's Website Says His SiriusXM Show 'Will No Longer Air As Of Tonight'------------------

    On ART BELL's official website, a note has been posted indicating that his SIRIUSXM RADIO show "ART BELL'S DARK MATTER" is ending.

    After a post about the satellite service not allowing free streaming of BELL's show live, an update reads, "Sometimes when you are 'all in' you win, sometimes lose. By mutual agreement, DARK MATTER will no longer air as of tonight."

    Posted on November 4, 2013 - 07:48 PM #
  2. CouvMan

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    Very strange indeed.

    Posted on November 4, 2013 - 08:10 PM #
  3. Not really, I fully excepted Art to end "Dark Matter", although I have to say I'm a bit surprised it happened so fast. I've followed Art through all his tribulations for the past 20 years or so. Take a look from wikipedia which I helped compile:

    Retirements and comebacks

    Bell has retired and returned to Coast to Coast AM several times.

    Retirement: His first retirement, highly unexpected, was announced on October 13, 1998. Bell: "I told you that there was an event, a threatening terrible event occurred to my family, which I could not tell you about. Because of that event, and a succession of other events, what you're listening to right now is my final broadcast on the air." Coast to Coast AM is broadcast on more than 400 stations and is the country's most listened to overnight radio show, heard by some 15 million listeners. (That from "The Seattle Times" 10-13-98.) Hilly Rose filled in after Bell's departure.

    Return: He returned on October 28, 1998. Bell asserted that the brief departure was brought on by threats made against his family. On May 29, 1999, Art Bell explained that this retirement was due to an allegation made by hosts of WWCR shortwave radio that Bell had paid to cover up a criminal indictment. (Announcement date from "The Washington Post" 5-29-99, where Bell's show was said to be on 460 stations.)

    The facts of the matter became public knowledge with Art Bell's second retirement in 2000, when it was revealed that an actual criminal indictment was filed against a person who had assaulted a member of Bell's family. Because of the nature of the crime, Bell had wanted to keep the matter private. The hosts at WWCR shortwave radio had accused Bell of the crime. (Bell took legal action against the hosts and stations, which was settled in 2000.

    Retirement: On April 1, 2000, Bell once again announced to his audience his retirement, which would occur on April 26, 2000 (that from The Washington Post 4-1-00), but he offered no details other than expressing intentions to "resolve a family crisis." On April 11, 2000, Mike Siegel was introduced as the new host of Coast to Coast AM. On April 27, 2000, Siegel took over the program which at this time had an estimated 22 million listeners. (That from "The Seattle Times" 4-12-00.) It was later explained he had left to deal with the aftermath of a sexual assault against his son. Brian Lepley, a substitute teacher, was convicted of sexual assault and attempted transmission of HIV and was sentenced to 10 to 25 years.

    Return: On January 24, 2001, it was announced (in Vancouver, Washington's "The Columbian" newspaper), Art Bell would return to Coast to Coast AM on February 5, 2001. Bell noted that since his departure the show had lost a number of affiliates, commercial content had risen to an unbearable level, and Siegel had taken the program in a "different direction" of which Bell disapproved. He retained some authority over the program as its creator and thus felt his return was necessary.

    Retirement: On October 23, 2002, Bell announced he would be retiring because recurring back pain (the result of a fall from a telephone pole during his youth) forced yet another departure, and Bell was permanently replaced by George Noory as weekday host of Coast to Coast AM on January 1, 2003. It was also said that Barbara Simpson would host weekends and that Bell planned to be an occasional guest host for Noory. (Most information from "The Seattle Times" 10-26-02.)

    Return: Bell returned on September 23, 2003, announced (in Vancouver, Washington's "The Columbian" newspaper) that he would return as a weekend host on September 27, 2003, having missed the microphone, this time replacing Barbara Simpson and Ian Punnett as host of the Saturday and Sunday evening broadcasts. In June 2005, he scaled this schedule back a bit (a "semiretirement"), deciding to host only the last two Sundays of every month. Bell went back to hosting every weekend show as his schedule permitted after his wife Ramona’s death a few months later.

    Retirement: on July 1, 2007, Bell announced his retirement again, stating that he wished to spend more time with his new wife and daughter. He made it explicitly clear that, unlike the circumstances surrounding previous retirements, this one was an entirely positive and joyful decision and that he would not disappear completely—he would occasionally substitute for other hosts and host "special" shows. According to George Noory, Bell is on board to do 15 shows per year. Art Bell confirmed this fact in a post on the Fantastic Forum fan site.

    Posted on November 4, 2013 - 08:19 PM #
  4. CouvMan

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    here is a email Art has been sending

    started the show with the expectation that my listener's would be able to stream the show since most were coming from AM.
    They started the thirty day trial and found that it was dropping out on them every few minutes. After the 30 day trial most
    did not renew, why would they? Faced with paying about $180 bucks a Year for something that was not working right, what would
    you do? So I lost my base. My show is based on call in, if all I am left with is Truck drivers with cell phones going down the
    road at 70 MPH, well you get the idea. So I asked Sirius to allow free streaming for a Year until they could fix their problems and
    they said no. The show was simply not viable under these conditions.


    Posted on November 4, 2013 - 08:45 PM #
  5. paulwalker

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    Art is a great broadcaster, but he apparently needs someone to manage his affairs. $180 a month is about my cable bill. Is he is in that much financial straits?

    OK, I am not judging or blaming, but it seems a man of his talent should be able to put together a show that would be attractive to some network, or not himself.

    Posted on November 4, 2013 - 09:44 PM #
  6. DarkStar

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    The $180 "per year" is for people to stream SiriusXM radio at home.

    Posted on November 5, 2013 - 09:53 AM #
  7. CouvMan

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    Art is testing a stream on from his website .... it ain't over yet

    Posted on November 6, 2013 - 06:38 PM #
  8. CouvMan

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    post by Art on bell

    I almost hate to see this thread wind down, in life you almost never get to see such unmitigated hate
    accross your screen. Long ago because of fast blast I learned to ignore it. When you do a show and have a
    guest people think they hate you will see "dump this ass hole and go to open lines" and a lot more just
    like it and much worse, in the end you have to do what you think is right and act on it. For the most part
    by the end of the show you are getting messages like"best show I've ever heard". Once in a while you
    do have to "dump the asshole" but if you follow the advice of a mob it almost always goes wrong.

    This board is a lot like that. decisions that we are forced to make or make because we think they are the
    right thing to do are just that, and if they turn out well your a genius, if not your dead to the World or at least
    some posters on this board, but it is always fun to watch.

    We are currently in talks with Sirius/XM which really knows how to deliver to vehicals very well. The idea is to
    become Independent Broadcasters which means no pay from Sirius while still keeping it exclusivly Sirius/XM in
    the Broadcast World, however we would then be free to stream free at Another words the best of
    both Worlds. In the long run I think it would benefit all including Sirius/XM. I think this will work but if not we will
    stream the show at the first opportunity, either way it will happen if I have to finance it myself, I will.

    I know all this seemed very sudden to most of you but there was much going on behind the scenes you do not
    know about and because it was said to me in confidence I am not free to discuss publicly, however I feel this is
    the right decision. If I am wrong I am sure I will be dead to the World and some who post here.

    I want the show to work at least as much as all of you but I have been at this for a while and I know what it
    takes to be viable and when I say that I mean not just as a niche type show, viable Worldwide. I understand
    that some of you are sooooo angry that you will not listen to the free steam and I will just have to find a way to
    live with that.

    Rage on,


    Posted on November 6, 2013 - 07:20 PM #

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